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3E is proud to offer our cloud-based 3E Notify™ for Poison Centres – 3E Generate application which automates UFI generation, dossier compilation and notification submission, dramatically reducing the amount of manual work required to notify poison centres throughout Europe.

Simply upload your data from your 3E Generate™ SDS and label authoring platform, review the submission information on 3E Notify and submit. You can either download your dossier to submit the information to a local authority manually or submit it directly to the ECHA PCN portal.

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✔ Better understand the impact of the regulation on your business

✔ Comply with complex and changing PCN obligations

 Eliminate the need to manually input the extensive product, submitter, composition, classification, toxicological, labeling, UFI and other data points required

✔ Optimize the processes required to communicate the hazards of your products

✔ Help you improve emergency response

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