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Regulatory Consulting Services
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At 3E we have more than 25 years of proven experience helping customers worldwide navigate the intricacies of local, regional, national and international regulatory frameworks throughout the entire product lifecycle, from R&D to recycle and disposal.

We are uniquely qualified to develop and execute customized consulting programs that empower our customers to achieve business goals, reduce operational risk, increase compliance and drive innovation.

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✔ Achieve end-to-end regulatory compliance

✔ Leverage a team of experts

 Apply unmatched experience and expertise

✔ Optimize the processes required to communicate the hazards of your products

✔ Choose from standard service offerings including Product Compliance; Global Chemicals Registration, Notification, and Reporting including REACH, K-REACH and UK REACH; Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Compliance; California Proposition 65 Compliance, Safer Chemical Analytics including risk assessment and management and Facility EHS